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  Xinwanxing Carbon Fiber Composites Co., Ltd. now has the world’s widest (1.6 meters) high-performance fiber-reinforced thermosetting prepregs as well as the low-temperature, medium-temperature and high-temperature curing epoxy resin products. It also grandly launches several types of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composite products.

  Compared with the thermosetting materials, these products have the following advantages:
a) High toughness, impact resistance and durability
b) Simple molding process, high processing speed, work efficiency improved 45-90 times
c) Easy repair and multi-shot molding
d) Recyclable
e) Energy saving 40-60%
f) Easy storage with no need of low temperature and low transportation costs

  After a long-term and sustained investment, research and development as well as continuous improvement and perfection, Xinwanxing Carbon Fiber Composites Co., Ltd. has completed the process of testing products and successfully produced the following products in the laboratory scale:

No. Product Name Fiber Resin Applications
1 Bi-directional glassfiber polypropylene composite plate Glassfiber Polypropylene PP Aviation, aerospace, automobile, wind electricity, yacht, civil engineering, sports and leisure products, medical equipment and major industrial areas
2 Bi-directional carbon fiber polyamide tape Carbon fiber Polyamide PA
3 Unidirectional glassfiber polycarbonate tape Glassfiber Polycarbonate PC
4 Unidirectional Carbon fiber polypropylene tape Carbon fiber Polyamide PA
5 Unidirectional carbon fiber polypropylene tape Carbon fiber Polyamide PA
6 Unidirectional glassfiber polypropylene tape   Glassfiber Polypropylene PP